The WVSO Volunteer Guild was formed in the fall of 2008 for the purpose of growing the organization through a volunteer support system. Guild members are individuals who love music, want to help the symphony prosper in the community and are willing to donate their time and talents in a variety of ways including promotion, office projects, concert and reception preparations, marketing, and fundraising. If you’d like to help with the development of the symphony organization, we welcome new guild members. To inquire about the WVSO Volunteer Guild, please contact the symphony.


Susan Ballinger
Iris Bolstad 
Gail Boothe
Jodi Brault 
Paul and Donna Brown
Glenn and Suzanne Carr
Megan Cleary 
Josh Cozart 
Trish Crane 
Alice Crawford
Jim and Jeana Deal 
Cindy Dietz 
Shannon Eisert 
Vicki Fechner
Stan and Becky Fishburn 
Jeff Heminger
Kathryn Hemstead
Kara Hunnicutt
Jerry and Kathy Karney 
Bruce Keleman 
Fred and Cathy Kunzmann 
Jeff and Cathie Lau 
Vinny Lee
Mike Locke
Grace Lynch
Tom and Mary Ann McNair
Mary Mendenhall 
Patrick and Carol Mullins

Dave and Suzanne Neir 
Caitilin Newman
Dave and Pat Notter
Alicia Ouellette
Mary Carter Pringer
Joanne Prusa
Carlos Reyes
Joanne Roberts
Linda Frost Rowley 
Heath Rush
Teresa Schieb
Gordon Schuster 
Eloise Sheets
Jill Sheets
Vitek and Emily Siroky
Stephanie Smith 
Tia Snyder
Todd Snyder 
Ty Snyder
Kay Sparks 
JoAnne Stevens
Penelope Tobiska 
Kerry Travers 
Sandy Wells 
Gretchen Woods
Rufus Woods
Wilfred and Kathy Woods 
Jane Zanol