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Beth Whitney

Beth Whitney crafts her original wild folk with husband/collaborator Aaron Fishburn. Aaron's steady rhythms and swelling bows create an unmatchable tone on the upright bass, and paired with Beth's beautifully haunting vocals, lands an unparalleled combination

Although, Beth and Aaron were raised on opposite sides of the state, the pair met when they were 4-years-old, hiked and rock-climbed throughout childhood at summer camp, and eventually joined up musically one midnight in 2006 at Whitworth University in Spokane, when they both happened to walk through the double doors of the music building. Although they'd known each other most of their lives, they'd hardly exchanged a word before that evening. 

After touring the nation for 7 years as a solo artist and more recently as co-founder of the award-winning group, The Banner Days, Beth Whitney has emerged from a year in and out of the studio with a seasoned collection of her best work yet

Released in the winter of 2017, THE WILD UNREST is made of seven movements that merge as a single masterpiece, where wilderness and the human heart collide. The new release, produced by long-time collaborator, Brandon Bee, features such northwest favorites as Aaron Fishburn on upright bass, Natalie Mai Hall on cello, Jonathan Berry on violin, as well as harmonies by Ellen Whitney, Carina Lewis, Sarah Gerritsen, and Kate Lynne Logan.

"This record is simply beautiful on every level. The songs are emotional and gripping. The arrangements keep the listener involved, the performances are inspired. To top it all off Beth's vocals are gorgeous. I really can't wait for everyone to hear this record!" -Ed Brooks, Resonant Mastering

Although the roots of her latest offering grew from a dark landscape, listeners can sense a theme of a quiet simmering and growing strength from the opening track, "Raven," through to the last note of "Fireflies," a song she wrote using an original poem by acclaimed American poet, Linda Pastan, and featured by the Seattle Arts & Lecture Series.  "What a lovely rendition of my poem. It really captures in music what I was trying to say in words.” -Linda Pastan

There are few stones left unturned in this album. 

"Days of Nights" was written for Shared Hope International, an organization committed to ending sex-trafficking and coming alongside abuse victims in their recovery. 

"Morning Star" crawls slowly out of anxiety and the fear of loss, into bravery. 

"Tumwater" was written in the smoke of a forest fire and walks through what feels like the "ashes on ashes" of PTSD. 

"Shadows of a Man" sounds like an old haunting Appalachian tune and reminds us of the wake of unbridled conflict and our own blindness. 

"Tides Are For Sirens" breaks us out of our own minds and into a story-telling community where healing can begin. 

Beth and Aaron signed with boutique label, Malamute Records, in 2007 alongside label-mate and Seattle siren, Star Anna. With the support of the Malamute team, they recorded and toured Leave Your Shoes which was featured on local stations such as 90.3 KEXP, and over 250 stations across the US. The pair married in late 2008, and soon after, Yellow was recorded with producer Brandon Bee and released independently in 2010, as was Ukulele (2012.) Both independent albums were put into heavy rotation by local AAA stations, won several songwriting awards, and paved the way for multiple west coast tours in an awkward white conversion van they affectionately named, Valcor. 

They've shared stages with artists such as Brett Dennen, JJ Heller, Damien Jurado, Josh Wilson, and Courtney Marie Andrews. 

In 2013, after the birth of their son, Beth Whitney and her husband partnered with neighbor and fellow artist, Bradford Loomis, to write and record a self-titled album, The Banner Days (2014) and Hand Me A Hymnal (2015.) The collaboration garnered critical acclaim while they toured extensively across the nation, and reaching over a million streams on Spotify of Beth and Bradford's first of several co-writes, "My Beloved." Both artists are focusing on their solo projects at this time.